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Don’t tell me who to vote for

Dont tell me who to vote for.

This will be my only political based rant (for this year). 

Don’t tell me who to vote for. Telling me who to vote for, tells me you have no faith in my ability to decide for myself. That somehow, I’ve lost the ability to look at party views and past performances. That I’m incapable of independent thought and that I should be controlled by your views. 

K**b off

I fully support your passion for a party. Passion is a wonderful gift. But do not confuse demands with passion. If you truly believe that we are incapable of deciding for ourselves then educate….not dictate. 

Check your facts, share your facts. Show others how to do the same. Collectively, we could show all political parties we are capable of shifting through the shit and finding the facts, that we are capable of independent, informed thought. 

We are capable of so much more but telling someone what to do …..well, to me that feels like a ‘nanny state’. 

I’m too old for that shit.


Brexit thoughts

England voted strongly for Brexit, by 53.4% to 46.6%, as did Wales, with Leave getting 52.5% of the vote and Remain 47.5%.

So we voted to leave the EU.

Since the vote, there has been a lot of voter statistics posted on various social media sites such as the average age of a typical ‘vote leaver’ and the average education of a ‘vote leaver’. It was the educational level statistic that sparked my interest.

In summary, Continue reading “Brexit thoughts”

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