A couple of weeks ago I was contacted asking if I was interested in reviewing Oofos recovery shoes. Now I was fully aware of the brand and their claims and honestly, I had never considered buying them. I knew my usual post-race shoes were fine

(Skechers GOwalk) and I was happy to stick with them. So I read a bit more into their shoes and decided that I could only discover if they were any good by actually trying them…..so I said yes!

I chose the OOlala Sliders as I dislike any form of flip flop design. I always find the band between the toes quite irritating. Within 48 hours I had received my sliders in a very well packed box.

I popped them on immediately.

The first thing I noticed was how strange they felt under foot. Not uncomfortable, but they definitely didn’t feel like regular shoes/sandals. They had almost a rocking feel to them. After a few minutes, that initial sensation had worn off. I had a wander around the house for a few hours but I can’t say I felt any benefit from them. This is not surprising as I had done no running/racing! The sandal felt very light with good air circulation.

A week later I completed Race to the King (blog here) which is a 53 mile ultra marathon across the South Downs trails. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to test the Oofos. So I packed my post-race recovery bag (Oofos, clean clothes, wipes) and headed off to the event.

12 hours and 15 minutes of running followed with over 5500 feet of elevation.

View on RTTK

Now if you have read by RTTK blog, you would have seen that this event was a mental challenge, rather than physical. I had the usual post-ultra feet aches (no blisters). Crossing the finish line, (and waiting for 45 minutes for my dear husband to turn up with my recovery bag), I threw off my running shoes and socks, and put on the Oofos.

Feet 45 mins after finishing RTTK

Oh my goodness!

I never thought a pair of sandals would feel so good! I was genuinely shocked! Wearing these simple sandals really made a difference to the burning, aching feeling my feet were experiencing. I walked to McDonalds for a post-race ice cream and the Oofos really supported my feet and that strange rocking motion I first reported, really did seem to aid my feet.

That night I had walked another 2 miles in those sandals as my dear husband thought a good walk back to the car would be a great idea. And the walk was actually OK! I had no issues with blisters. There was no chaffing and the air seemed to circulate sufficiently around my feet….this was another surprise to me as the sandals appear to be of a foam-rubber type of material. I assume my feet would become even more sweaty. But they didn’t!

Now it’s not all roses.

My feet do tend to swell a little after ultras. I don’t think it is noticeable to look at but when I put on the Oofos after the race, my right foot required a bit of a push to slide all the way into the sandal. For me, I would have liked a bit more flexibility. However, even after pushing my foot into the Oofos, the fit was not uncomfortable in any way. In an ideal world I would have liked a Velcro option.


So what I have found out from this review?

  • Oofos do exactly what they claim to do…..for me anyway.
  • People say these are good for a reason
  • These are now my go-to post-race recovery shoes
  • I’m considering trying their flip flops
  • My feet swell
  • I’d happily pay the retail price considering the benefit I found


24 post-race

I always have a decent walk the day after any ultra. I find it really aids my recovery. I did exactly the same this time. I probably walked a total of 7 miles the following day, all in my OOlala Oofos. They performed just as well as the previous day. They were comfortable to wear for prolonged periods, no sweaty feet, stable on a pebble beach, no chaffing. Basically, a good sandal! By the end of the day, all body aches had gone – but I’m not claiming this to be all due to Oofos as I tend to recover quickly anyway.


Note: I received these OOlala Oofos shoes as a gift in exchange for my review