If you read week 10 then you’d know that week 11 may not have been to good. Fate stepped in yet again and gave me a jaw infection. Seriously, who gets a jaw infection?? 

Week 11, I should gave done 5 shorter runs but with the same intensity as previous weeks. That didn’t happen.  If you’ve ever had toothache….imagine that but across the whole lower jaw. This meant no walking let alone running! (Or sleeping and eating).

So I entered the final week of Paris marathon training…still on antibiotics and feeling pretty crap. 

I managed 4×2 min sprints as a leg loosener but that’s it. 

But you know what? I didn’t care. I felt ok revising my initial goal, knowing there’d probably be no pb. Life happens. Scrap that…shit happens and sometimes it’s a headwind.

So reflecting back on the 12 weeks:

I entered training with a sprained ankle, I’ve had two infections (chest and jaw), I’ve had a week of heart complications, work kicked off, I lost my passport, my doctor wouldnt sign my form (probably not surprising), my eurostar tickets got canceled due to a system glitch and my cat ran off meaning no cattery services over Paris. 


Now the tears from the cat trauma have stopped and a friend stepped in to look after my (stupid) cats, I’m a lot calmer. In fact, I don’t think I care anymore. I’m going to run this race,  get it over and done with and get back on those trails. Screw the time, screw the stress, screw all that negative crap. 

In the words of a wise woman…..