Well what a strange week it has been….scrap that……it hasn’t been strange, it’s been eventful in a non-eventful way. This week was about fine tuning and then tapering. So what happened? Students full of germs is what happened! This week was full of snot and coughing….yes a wonderful mental picture 😉

Here is what I should have done:

  • Monday – 40 easy
  • Tuesday – 4 x 5 mins intervals
  • Wednesday – 1 hour @8.45 pace
  • Thursday – 1 hour with 30 min tempo
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 40 min easy
  • Sunday – 2.5 hour with 50 min fast pace

And here is what I actually did:

  • Monday – 25min  @10.12 pace
  • Tuesday – 4 x 5 mins intervals @ 7.59, 7.03, 8.25, 7.45
  • Wednesday – 35 min @8.40 pace
  • Thursday – germ death
  • Friday – germ death
  • Saturday – Monsal Trail half Marathon in 1.56
  • Sunday – complete and utter zombification

Intervals – great! The massive difference in pace was due to horrendous headwind. But as soon as Wednesday came around I started to feel pretty crap. By Saturday I had had enough and stupidly I did the Monsal race. It was flat and the aim was to follow my plan and go for a faster 2nd half….which I did. But I shouldn’t have. After this race I really went down hill. But that’s for week 11’s post.

The race was pretty and some great tunnels and I ended up running most of the route with some random lad….who also happened to be into ultra running. We had a good old chat. Love it when you find a randomer to run with 🙂 Especially when you have the same pacing and interests. Apart from feeling like death and finding it hard, I did enjoy it. And the bonus?……Well that was walking into the town of Bakewell and buying a selection of Bakewell tarts and puddings. Now that’s a good ending 😉


So this week hasn’t gone to plan but to be fair, not many of my training weeks have! Paris is conspiring against me but I will not be defeated! I will run Paris to the best of my ability….even if that ability means a time of 5 hours. Now if someone could put Ryan Reynolds at the finish line, I might be able to improve my ability 😉

We now head into the final 2 weeks of training