This post is a lot later than anticipated. I’m already half way through week 10! But let’s ignore that for now. Week 9 was post Ironbridge Half marathon so this week was mainly race recovery with some tuneup sessions. Here is what I should have done:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 40 mins easy
  • Wednesday – 60 mins with 30 min tempo @8 pace
  • Thursday – 40 min easy
  • Friday – 40 min easy
  • Saturday – rest
  • Sunday – 3.5 hours with 1h 15 min at faster pace

And here is what I actually did!

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 32 mins easy @9.41 pace
  • Wednesday – warm up with 28 min tempo @8.10 pace
  • Thursday – 5.4 miles @9.23 pace
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 6.8 miles @11.29 pace
  • Sunday – 3.5 hours @10.40 pace (the running part)

Well the easy and tempo runs went well. If anything I think I went to easy on the tempo as it felt easy! Thursday’s run was my 1st run at my running club since I sprained my ankle over 3 months ago. I was petrified of being too slow but thankfully it was a short run at an easy pace so I didn’t slow any one down πŸ˜€ I still didn’t feel comfortable running in the dark – too paranoid about my ankle!

Saturday’s run was purely for my sister, Liz. She took up running in October and this was her first ever distance over 5 miles! She wanted to recce the Newcastle 10K route (Newcastle Staffs Athletic club road race). I was very proud to accompany her on this. And she smashed 10k in 1 hour 12 mins….at a conversational pace! We even survived the horrendous wind running up Black Bank. I think I need to up my game! πŸ˜€

Then came Sunday.

And oh boy, what a run that was!

I chose a new route along the Macclesfield Canal. I read up on the terrain and it said compacted trail/path. I thought it would be a good taster/practice for Paris as it has similar elevation and a few uneven bits. I even wore my road racing shoes….Oh how wrong was I!

It was 17 miles of mud. And not just any old mud, it was that slippy mud that clings to your shoes that only a blow torch or pick axe can remove. I spent more time slipping and falling then I did running! It took me 3.5 hours to run about 18 miles. 0.5 hours was spent walking through unrunnable sections. Not the best practice run for Paris. Yes I do realise that as soon as I hit the mud I should have stopped and went on my usual Mow Cop route….only 1 mile away. Especially as I was wearing my road racing shoes. But I kept thinking ‘it’ll get better, it can’t be all like this’. Then there comes a point to which you’re committed to the route and you stick with it.

Even though this was only 18 miles, my goodness did my glutes ache after this! This should have been at least 22 miles of decent running based on the time stated on my plan so I have no idea what impact this will have on the quality of my training. If nothing else, I got a good ass muscle workout πŸ˜‰