I dropped the ball.

Work was mental and I barely had any sleep. My health took a nose dive and my training suffered which is why there was no week 6 update: So here is my training as it stands:

In week 6 I should have done:

40 mins easy on Monday, 4x5mins intervals on Tuesday, 1 hour at 8.45 pace on Wednesday, 30 min tempo on Thursday, 40 mins easy on saturday and 3 hours 15 with 1 hour at a faster pace on Sunday.

I actually did:

4x5min intervals (7.50, 7.18, 8.14, 7.49) on Tuesday, 53 mins at 8.42 pace on Wednesday. that was it for the week!


In week 7 I should have done:

40 easy on Monday, 55 mins steady at 8.40 pace on Tuesday, 4x5mins intervals on Tuesday, 1 hour at 8.45 pace on Wednesday, 20 min tempo on Thursday, Ashbourne 10 miler race at 8.30 pace on Sunday.

I actually did:

25 min tempo at 8 pace on the treadmill on Monday, 3x 0.5mile intervals (7.41, 7.36, 7.27) on Wednesday, 15.3 miles at 9.47 pace on Friday and Ashbourne 10 miler race at 9.32 pace (Plus 3 mile cool down)


Needless to say the training was all over the place! There is no point me pointing out what went wrong and what went right. Unfortunately the stress of work meant I had several heart ‘episodes’ in one week and it would have been suicide to push myself through training. It was not a good week. My doctor was not impressed. Cue him saying ‘I’m signing you off from work’ and me freaking out about that. We compromised.

I did some some key workouts that went quite well but the main lesson from these two weeks was how to manage stress. I am usually quite good at managing my stress….I have a moan on social media and that usually does me. But this time it was too much. So I made a decision and put my health first and my job got shifted down the priority list. I didn’t even check my work emails over the weekend! (Trust me, this is a massive achievement).

So with a new work outlook and life perspective, I enter week 8 feeling a lot more relaxed. If things go tits up at work, I can always go back to retail and I’m OK with that possibility.

Ashbourne 10

What can I say…I loved it! Well apart from the haphazard start and the dark tunnel. There were no starting pens for expected pace so it was each to their own. This meant some 10k runners started with the 10 milers and the canine race were mixed in somewhere too.

The 1st part of the race took us through a tunnel which was poorly lit. Unfortunately one lady fell on the uneven surface (I heard she carried on and finished). Once we got through the tunnel, all the runners started to spread out and the race became a lot more manageable. The weather was horrendous, rain, sleet, mud, and puddles galore! I was that cold it felt like I was running with ice cubes stuck on my forehead 😀

The 1st 5 miles were a gradual uphill of about 480 feet, then you turned around and ran back down. The return journey was fantastic! Even the weather improved a bit. I was loving it by this point.

I ran with a fellow runner and friend. I’m not too sure what she thought of the experience or my instructions on who we were going to over take next, but she stuck with me. We even did an extra 3 miles cool down afterwards. But by this time we were frozen solid and frankly, we’d enough.

Finish time was 1.34.32, 13/49 for age group and 57/205 for gender. Not bad for what I would call an easy run. I am very tempted to try again next year and race this. It really does have a great pb potential.


One other note, I managed a quick photo with a fellow ukrunchat community member @SamABaxter It’s always good to see those you’ve interacted with on Twitter. It’s just a shame I missed several others.