So we have finished the 1st third of marathon training. I was told it’s about preparing your body for the work that is about to come…I have had to remind myself of this several times!

So this was what I originally planned to do:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 40 mins easy
  • Wednesday – 40 mins easy
  • Thursday – 20 mins tempo @8 pace
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 40 mins easy
  • Sunday – 3 hours with the 2nd hr at marathon pace

Here’s what I actually did:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 32 mins easy @9.53 pace
  • Wednesday – 38 mins easy @10.13 pace
  • Thursday – 20 mins tempo @8.28 pace with warm up/cool down
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 31.15 mins easy (parkrun)
  • Sunday – 2h 50 mins with 40 mins at faster @8.30 pace. Overall @9.56 pace

The positives

I stuck to the plan! I actually read it more than once this time. The easy runs went as planned. The tempo run was both good and bad. The good was that I managed another tempo on my own and I ran by feel. I thought that the pace was awful! But looking at the stats below, it was actually OK. The GAP pace did show I was on target of 8 min mile pace.


I’ll skip Parkrun here. Nothing good about that experience! However, the Sunday run was good! Well in my opinion anyway :). I over slept so I started later than I hoped but ignoring that I ran by feel again. This time I didn’t stop on the hill points I did last time I ran this route. I knew what the hills were like and I kept repeating to myself ‘you’re not going to beat me this time’. And they didn’t! One big positive is that the pace was exactly 30s per mile quicker than the last time I ran this route 3 weeks ago. Genuinely very happy about that. I was even happy about the downhill pace as downhill does create a bit of an issue for my ankle (doesn’t like the change in angle).

The negatives

The tempo, although mildly uphill was still slower than the previous week. I do wonder how much faith I can put in the GAP. Parkrun…..well I hated it. I felt so rough. I couldn’t even remember how many laps I had done. I was a miserable zombie. I was exhausted.

The long run on Sunday: I did have a couple of 10-15s walks at the top of a couple of hills. Once again I didn’t need to do this! I need to get out of this habit and quick. One big negative is that I didn’t do 60 mins of marathon pace. I tried to judge the time I had run at a faster pace but clearly I failed! (I wanted to avoid looking at my watch). The final negative is that I only did 2hrs 50 mins of running rather than 3 hrs.

15.4 miles of 17 as forgot to start watch. Hilly bugger!
15.4 miles of 17 as forgot to start watch. Hilly bugger!

Overall, I am happy with how the week’s training has gone. I think I am on training target which is pretty good considering how this year started.  One thing I have realised is that my negatives aren’t negatives. They are future challenges I aim to overcome. changing my viewpoint from negative to challenge has given me the extra boost to try harder and improve on my previous results.

The next 4 weeks is where the real work begins!