So week 2 has now ended and here’s what I should have done (pre-injury):

  • Monday – 40 mins easy
  • Tuesday – 4×5 min
  • Wednesday – 50 mins @9mm pace
  • Thursday – 40 mins with 20 min tempo
  • Friday – rest
  • Saturday – 40 mins easy
  • Sunday – 2.5 h easy. Hilly route.

And here’s what I actually did:

  • Monday – rest
  • Tuesday – 4×5 min @7.14-8.19 pace. Total of 6.5 miles
  • Wednesday – 5 miles run. Easy pace with Sweta @11.31 pace
  • Thursday – 40 mins with 20 min tempo @8.09 pace
  • Friday – 4 miles with Mel @11.08 pace
  • Saturday – Navigation training in Peaks
  • Sunday – Navigation training in Peaks

The positives

I felt great on Monday! No ill effects from Sunday’s run. I felt I could have run again but I resisted as I want to transition into training at a sensible level following the injury.

I managed to complete all  four 5 minutes speed sessions on Tuesday which was a big improvement from last week. Upon looking at my splits I thought they were bad but I noticed that the last 2 splits were up hill. This may be part of the reason why my pace slowed a lot. Looking at the GAP (Grade Adjusted Pace), the reps were 7.14-7.30 for all 4. My rep heart rate reached the same intensity for all 4.

The tempo run went really well! I ignored the watch and went by feel. I was aiming for a comfortably hard pace that I thought I could sustain for 10K. After looking at my data it turned out I was near spot on target pace of 8 min mile. the latter half of the tempo was marginally quicker than the 1st half.

The negatives

Even though the last two of my 5 min speed sessions were up hill and hence my pace will probably be slower, I was knackered by the end of the 3rd rep. During the 4th my legs could barely move! I have no idea if that indicates a good session or not – not a clue! My rep heart rate reached the same intensity for all 4. I have included this as a negative as I assume that HR should be higher for the latter reps?

Wednesday’s run was pants. I just felt really tired…sleepy tired. I just didn’t want to run and I didn’t feel any better for running afterwards. No idea why.

One big negative is the absence of a long run at the weekend. The plan is to finish work earlier today (Monday) and do my long run but it won’t be over the planned hilly route and I  have to stay very close to home.


Although I have included HR comments, I have used my HR as a rough guide on effort. I mostly go by feel. I struggle to judge speed effort so this provides a good backup for me. That being said, the tempo run clearly shows I am capable of judging effort if I put my mind to it. Although I don’t look at pace etc on my long runs, I do look at my watch for speed sessions. I think I will try another techno free session on my next speed session.

I have no idea what, if any, moving my planned long run to Monday will have but when you get a last minute opportunity to attend a navigation course with the Mountain Training Association….well you just have to take that opportunity! Well I do anyway 😉