So mid December I sprained my ankle.

I followed the advice on the NHS site which was NO ibuprofen, ice, rest and elevate. I did this for 3 days then introduced short walks.

It was all going so smoothly! I gradually increased distance and difficulty of the walks. I even managed a scramble up Kinder downfall in icy conditions!

Post New Year I introduced short run/walks of 2-4 miles and just last week I managed a pain free easy 7 mile run. Optimism was bountiful.

Then commuting to work everyday started to take its toll. 600 miles a week with my dodgy ankle on the accelerator/brake. Followed by sitting at a desk for 8 hrs. My ankle starting to seize into one position. 

Cue mobility exercises…..ouch. I can move my foot every way except downwards. It’s like all my tendons have shrunk! And with these exercises comes swelling….again. 

So now I’m wondering what to do? Do I keep running as I feel no pain or discomfort or do I rest even though it feels like I’m seizing up when I do rest! 

Injury usually means rest but the rest doesn’t seem to be helping. The odd run, however, feels as if it’s releasing everything and it feels good! 

So I’ll sit here with my frozen peas debating whether to rest but knowing full well I’ll try a run tomorrow.