I might be an indecisive runner…..or racer. This morning a received an email offering me a place on the Hardmoors Roseberry Trail Marathon and I have no idea whether to accept the place or not!

It’s about 30 miles with approx. 4100 feet of gain over the North Yorkshire moors. It takes place in 2.5 weeks.

I’ve spent the last few hours weighing up the pros and cons on accepting the place…or rather the points I need to consider before I hit accept.

To consider

  • Last long run was Oct 1st 2016 which was 51.6 miles trail.
  • Fell quite ill in November (cough/stomach bug) and my longest run in this month has been 12 miles with max elevation gain of 1200 feet
  • I’ve only run a total of 100 miles this month
  • The race is 164 miles away. I would need to travel back the same day as I have to go to work the following day.
  • The race is hilly and technical
  • I want to be fresh for when Paris marathon training starts in January
  • I would have to abandon a local 8 mile fancy dress trail race

The positives

  • I’ve done 4 ultras this years (2 x 50k, 1 x 35m, 1 x 51m) and 2 marathons. I do have some miles in my legs
  • The hilliest race was about 6000 feet of gain across technical trail (35 miles) which took 8 hours in August.
  • I have 2 weeks off from work over Christmas to recover and recharge
  • 90% of my runs over the last 2 months have been trail
  • Average monthly mileage before I fell ill was between 160-190 miles
  • The race has a generous cut off time of 10 hours
  • It looks very pretty!
  • Being able to take part in a sell out race like this is a great opportunity
  • I wouldn’t be racing….I’d be running for the views and experience


So I think it’s not a question of whether I ‘could do the race’, I think it’s more of a question of ‘should I do the race’.