I have a total of 40 medals since I started running 3 years ago but I think I don’t care about bling anymore.

When I first started running I would look at all the races I could find and sign up to the ones in which I thought had the best bling. Then I fell into the ultra scene….

My 1st ultra (50k) was Whiterose. I picked those one because  thought it’d have a great piece of bling. It wasn’t.

Then I signed up for Canalathon. The only thing that interested me in this was the route as it reflected my mum’s life (she passed away from cancer). She lived on a barge on the same canal stretch. The bling was a barge…. this I loved.

By this time I was hooked on long distance. I signed up for Salisbury 54321 50k…. but it was the route that interested me again. The bling was good though. (But I can’t find the bling!)

As  started to kick up for my 1st 50 miler (Gower 50) I ‘accidentally’ signed up for a 35 miler (Gritstone Grind) and I loved this race!! I mean I absolutely loved it! But guess what….. no bling or tee! And I didn’t care. I think this was the turning point for me.

Every medal since hasn’t even made it out of my sports bag. Including the 1st 50 miler. I don’t even get a sense of pride looking at them. They just exist.



Now this may sound a bit corny but what I treasure most is the memories I made during each race. That’s what makes me smile….not the bling.

So I guess my bling chasing days are over. But chasing new experiences and forming new memories aren’t.