Since Gower I’ve felt a little ‘blahhh’. I guess it’s the typical post race blues.

Now it’s been 2 weeks  since Gower and my motivation for anything running related has all but disappeared.  I’m still running……every day this week. I’ve hit a grand total of 26.4 miles 😞. But I’ve not enjoyed it. 

Then literally a few minutes ago I’ve realised why the enjoyment has gone. Running post Gower is hard. I feel as if I’ve turned into a slug. My desire to run doesn’t match my ability. And it’s depressing….or is it frustrating?

I’m taking my runs easy with breaks when I want them. I’m not doing anything daft to hinder my recovery. But it does feel as if I’ve been in recovery mode for an eternity! 

So it’s not my motivation that gone, it’s my patience. I’m not sure how to fix that! 😂

I’ll guess I’ll take my own advice and ‘tough it out princess’ …..unless you have a magic formula?