It’s been almost exactly a week since I completed the 50 miles along the Gower peninsula. The plan was to take a complete month off from running…..but that hasn’t happened yet! 

As I suffered virtually no aches or pains I opted to go for the reverse taper approach. I ran about 2m Wednesday, 3.2m Friday then an easy 8m across the Stones Circle trail today.

What I’ve discovered is that my legs are still good. BUT I get tired very quickly. Clearly my endocrine system has yet to fully recover. I don’t think running over 50 miles at the start of freshers week was a good idea either! Students wear you out just as must as an ultra! (Sorry students but you are hard work 😉) .

Here’s my reverse taper/recovery:

  • Getting a minium 7 hrs sleep a night. Trust me, this is not easy during teaching weeks. It’s usually close to 5hrs.
  • Eating healthily.  This is tough when all you want to do is go Homer style on a years supply of chocolate and cake…every hour.
  • Stretch. Every day.
  • Brave the foam roller (and wellbrix) 3 days after the race. (Cue a lot of profanities)
  • Walk every day. Climb the stairs to my 5th floor office. Note to self…never use your phone on the stairs. 
  • Hydrate! I guessed the balancing of water to electrolytes but I think I judged it well. For every liter of water I had, I had about 250ml of electrolyte juice. Unfortunately I I’ve slipped off the wagon these last 48 hrs. I’ll punish myself with the foam roller later 😭.

So that’s where I am in my recovery. Next week I’ll up the mid week runs to closer to 3-4m with a 10m at the weekend. I’ll decide how things progress from there.

Oh, operation fat loss starts Monday.  A 12 week strength and diet program to follow. Hopefully I’ve planned it right to support recovery. Watch this space.