Yes…I finished!   Was it plain sailing?…..No, but it was good. I put together a little video diary throughout the race which you can see below. Apologies for the moaning nature of the videos. The only time I could get to record something was when I was on the flat – which I hated! This is not a race review as such, it is more of what I have discovered on completing my 1st 50 mile ultra – Gower Ultra 50.

About mile 13

About mile 33

About mile 42


Top things that have stuck with me:

  • Running on the sand gets boring very quickly
  • Tarmac sucks …. a lot
  • I get very miserable when I spend too much time on the flat or tarmac
  • When I follow someone else, I end up getting lost. This cost me over 1.5 hrs
  • Running at dusk is lovely
  • I don’t appear to get blisters
  • I can’t run on rocky paths in the dark
  • Wild horses in the dark are quite freaky
  • So are sheep
  • Tailwind nutrition is piggin’ amazing!
  • I can run over 50 miles (with walks) on 3 cocktail sausage rolls, 1/2 pain au choc, 2 packets of tailwind, 1/2 can alibi and a mouth-full of hot tea
  • Running through woodland trails is my favourite, even if it is full of steps
  • On that note, who the hell put so many steps up and down the coastline?
  • My legs loosened up at about mile 47
  • Miles 29-33 ish were the worst (now I know it was due to lack of food)
  • I really enjoyed the last 3 miles
  • Running up sand dunes is HARD
  • I’m pretty sure the rock climbing I did was due to a wrong turn on the route. Scary sh*t
  • I think I experienced every type of terrain possible
  • I felt remarkably good afterwards
  • I did a sprint finish!
  • I started to plan my next event in the last 10 miles
  • I had one wee stop at mile 5. My bladder is made of steel!

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It’s now been about 48 hours since the race and my legs feel fine. No aches or pains. Doing a 3 mile recovery walk along Rhossili Bay was perfect. I strongly advise everyone to get out and walk, no matter how tired you feel. Although my legs feel good, I am really suffering with a headache and sore mouth. I am not sure if this is still the effects of dehydration or the onset of Freshers Flu. It’s probably a mix of the both.

Race Stats

I completed the race in 13 hours 15 mins. and I ran 51.6 miles, nearly 2 miles more than the official route. I am unsure why Strava has less. I can only assume it has discarded the stopped time. Accorded to RunWalkCrawl, the event organisers, I was pretty much in the middle of the results table. I am very happy with that!

With thanks

I would like to say a massive thank you to Matt Buck from Running Adventures for the training plan. If I can do a 50 mile event and still feel this good afterwards, then that man is clearly a genius!

I would also like to thank the Twitter UKRunChat Community and Vikki’s Runner Friends for their support and encouragement throughout training. You provided the ray of sunshine when I needed it.

Final thoughts: Although this race was very well organised, the bling was great and I really liked the event tee, I wouldn’t do it again. For me, there was too much tarmac. I would estimate about 1/3rd was tarmac. It was long and monotonous. If you don’t mind so much tarmac then go for it. The views are stunning!

Kit list

  • Salomon S Lab 12 ltr ultra vest
  • 2 x 500 mL soft flasks
  • Compass
  • New Balance Leadville trail shoes
  • Injini socks
  • Nike dry fit shorts
  • Thunderrun (Adidas) event tee
  • Saucony cap
  • Buff merino wool beanie
  • Inov-8 waterproof mittens
  • Inov-a race pants
  • UKRunChat neck scarf
  • GRDE waterproof headlamp
  • Smartwool NTS lightweight 195 running top