Am I freaking out or just every excited? I know I’m a bit stressed as my general patience with people is diminishing…not a good thing! 

I’m trying my hardest to relax and keep those cortisol levels under control. It’s not easy. 

I think I’ve realised it’s not my finish time I’m stressing about, it’s a combination of worrying about my quad and not being fit enough to finish. The quad worry is winning even though I’ve been issue free for a while now.

Anyway, kit is prepared. Back up kit prepared.  Back up to the back up kit is prepared 😃. Food all sorted. Recovery/post race bag packed. OS map studied and mapped. New watch tested. There’s nothing else now. 

I’ll double check my kit, then again tomorrow. I’ll be posting my kit list and reasons for the choices soon. 

For now, let’s all have a great, stress free day. It’s time to celebrate life 🙂