So it’s less than 2 weeks until I attempt Gower 50.

In my last post I was complaining about a minor quad strain – not even a grade one strain. Since then I had a few days recovery and started running again. All seemed good. No quad pain or tightness felt.

So I went back to my training plan and attempted a shorter tempo run of 1 mile. Again, all felt good! (the heat of the day was tough though).

Things plodded along as planned and I went out with my sister to support her 3rd C25K session. This was 1.4 miles with 2 min run and 1 min walk. After finishing, we got back to my car and did our usual stretches.

Disaster struck! I was stretching my quad (a little too far) and I felt that instant tightness appear. Straight away, I stopped stretching whilst panic set in.

My quad remained fairly tight for the rest of the evening but when I awoke, all felt good again. I thought I would see how things went on in a club run. I took it easy, keeping at the back for most of the run. Whilst running, no issues were felt. It was only when I stopped that I felt that tightness come back – with a vengeance!

The next couple of days were not good. It hurt to walk up and down stairs. I avoided all stretching. I basically spent the weekend sleeping and eating – a lot.

It’s now Monday and my quad feels pretty darn good again. I can even walk up and down 15 flights of stairs with no tightness or discomfort. However, I won’t be running today. I am going to take another days rest and maybe, MAYBE, try a 1 mile jog tomorrow.

Am I stressing about missing training for Gower? No I’m not. What’s the point? It won’t change anything. I’ll either finish Gower or I won’t. That’s just the way things go sometimes. Plus I’d rather attempt Gower fully recovered than with an injury. I want to enjoy my 1st 50 miler as much as I can and if I run with an injury then I know I will end up hating the experience.

It’s just not worth it.