My last post on my training was about 2 weeks ago. I’d say the last 2 weeks has felt…..unusual. I can’t quite put my finger on it. I do think I still lack focus.

So these past couple of weeks have been part of my peak training load with taper time starting next week. I have averaged between 50-60 miles per week with a typical long run of over 20 miles. I have aimed for undulating routes!

My training plan gave me 20 miles for Sunday 28th August but I ran 26 miles along the Potteries Marathon route. I did stop about half way for an ice cream (it was hot outside!). The following weekend I was due to run 15 miles on the Saturday and 20 miles on the Sunday. However, due to a last minute place becoming available for the Gritstone Grind (35 mile trail ultra, 6000ft climb) I decided to run the Gritstone Grind and leave out the Saturday 15 miler.

I am so glad I did! What a great run I had. It also gave me the extra bit of confidence I needed about taking part in a 50 mile event. The last 5 miles of Gritstone, I felt strong and full of beans :). Upon finishing the race, I could have carried on. Feeling like this was just the mental boost I needed! (Gritstone Grind review to follow).

Then this week, things have taken a turn for the worst. On Monday I strained my shoulder lifting boxes which meant that Tuesday’s run was shorter than hoped for. On Wednesday I slipped off a curb and developed an acute quad sprain. Within 4 hours I saw the physio. Ultrasound therapy followed and I was advised to take at least 4 days rest.

Now this week was supposed to be my peak training week with 15 miles on Saturday and at least 25 miles on Sunday. Needless to say, I won’t be doing this but my running coach has assured me that my overall training outcome shouldn’t be affected too much. I guess we shall see.

If recovery goes well, then my taper period of my training plan may be adjusted. Keep your fingers crossed for me.