For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that I am attempting my 1st 50 mile running event on October 1st 2016 under the careful training instruction of Matt from Running Adventures.

I have completed 3 x 50k events, with the last one on August 14th 2016: Salisbury 54321. However, my overall aim for this year was to see if I could complete a 50 mile event, without it breaking me!

My chosen event is the Gower 50 Ultra around the Gower Peninsula in Wales, UK. Having never been there before and it taking place just before the start of teaching, I thought this would be a good event to do. The cut off time appears to be fairly generous and it is advertised as suitable for walking competitors. 16 hours.

It is just less than 7 weeks away until the big day and my average weekly mileage has been between 45-55 miles per week. A typical long run being +20 miles and a few back-to-back runs. Until recently I have not been convinced that this weekly mileage would be enough but after reading several blogs (more like a hundred) I feel more confident that this mileage will allow me to complete the route as long as I am not concerned about a finish time – which I’m not.

As I enter the last few weeks of training I will update everyone on how it’s going: good and bad.

For now, this week is a cut back week. No more than 30 miles for me!

(I’m petrified and bizarrely quietly confident)