Over 6 months ago I was selected to test the Epson runsense SF810 running watch with integrated heart rate monitor. I usually train with my Garmin Forerunner 225 so I was very interested to compare the two watches, especially as the Epson watch claimed to have an exceptional battery life. Considering I was in the process of training for ultras, this was very appealing to me.

As part of the review conditions, I had to create short Youtube video blogs on various watch functions. Click on the below link if you want to see these video blogs. I have included my 1st impressions below.

YouTube Channel


Without boring you all with the finer details here – as there is a lot, the Epson watch proved to be a great running watch. Below are a few of the key findings of this watch.


  • long battery life in excess of 16 hours continuous use with full GPA activated
  • phone app allows instant update of training parameters and syncs with watch immediately
  • accurate heart rate data
  • customisable watch display
  • Detailed Runsense data¬†(similar to Run Connect by Garmin)


  • Takes a long time to transfer run data via bluetooth phone app to Runsense. Over 20 minutes in some cases
  • Runsense is not as easy to navigate around
  • Takes longer to find gps


So would I buy this watch? I am not too sure. The price in combination of the cons would probably mean I wouldn’t. However, I shall be using this watch for my 1st 50 mile ultra event


I received no payment for the product review. I was allowed to keep the product on completion of the review.