Dexshell – Beanie solo waterproof thermal hat in red

After being given the *opportunity to review the DexShell waterproof beanie through @ukrunchat, towards the end of spring, I was a little concerned I wouldn’t be able to test this product to its full capabilities. Thankfully, the British weather came through and we experienced everything from hail, snow, wind, rain and sun. Usually in the space of a few hours!

Firstly the aesthetics: I loved the colour and look of the beanie. I am a beanie fan in the cooler months. It does appear to have several layers and I did wonder if the waterproof element of the hat would make it less breathable and result in overheating. The fit was snug. It didn’t fit like it shows on their main site. That may be because I have a larger head?

Next is the test: My first outing was a trail recce of about 12 miles across the Staffordshire countryside.

The weather started off with hail followed by rain and wind. The beanie kept the cold from my ears and my head warm. As the run progressed, the weather changed to warm sunshine but I kept the beanie on. I was worried with it being waterproof that I may overheat. However, this was not the case. I found the beanie to be quite breathable. This was fine for temperatures up to about 12-15 degrees.

My second outing was in windy weather. Again it kept the wind from my ears quite well and kept me warm without overheating.

After both runs, I did check for excessive sweating. There was none. It was comparable to my other running hats. However, the bonus of this hat is that it did keep my dry during the rain/hail/snow. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to test it in torrential rain yet!

Overall, I really like this hat’s breathability, warmth and waterproof features. It is my ‘go to’ hat for the cooler months.


*I received no payment for this product review. I was allowed to keep the product following completion of the review.

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Dexshell beanie in action during a trail run
Dexshell beanie in action during a trail run