I was contacted by Boot bananas and asked to do a product review for their shoe deodorizer….curious, I said yes.

They sent me two packs, free of charge, which arrived a couple of days from agreeing to review. Good delivery time.

I decided I wouldn’t do any pre-reading on the product

so I had no idea of what to expect upon delivery. when they did arrive, I wasn’t expecting something banana shaped!1238025_386665328125695_356192167_n

They arrived in a foil fresh, sealed bag and once opened you could instantly smell lemon and lavender. Having not read anything about the ingredients of the boot banana, I had no idea if these were included or if my sense of smell was accurate.

I purposely refrained from reading about the ingredients of the boot banana in order to remain unbiased about their potential effectiveness.

Taken from Bootbananas Facebook site
Taken from Bootbananas Facebook site

The tests

I decided to test the product on two different pairs of trainers:

My old faithful trail shoes which have encountered everything from boggy marsh land to cow patts and snow

And my marathon shoes

Trail shoes

As I said earlier, these shoes have taken a battering over the last few months and being the lazy person that I am, I very rarely removed any dirt or air dried them. Needless to say, they smelled….bad. So much so that I kept them in their own room away from my other running shoes. So I was very curious to see how the boot banana worked on these.

The product slid very easily into the shoes. I left them in place overnight (about 10 hours) and in the following morning, I had a quick, but tentative, sniff of my shoes. The repulsive pungent odour was definitely reduced and I could smell lemon. However, there was still a slight undercurrent of the ‘wet dog’ smell. So I left them in for another 24 hours.

After a total of 35 hours, I was very surprised to find that my Bog of Eternal Stench (labyrinth reference) shoes were pretty much bad odour free. Whether the smell was masked or eliminated, I do not know as no research into their ingredients was conducted.

After removing the boot bananas, I wanted to know if the bad smell returned upon standing…..

After about 4 days, the ‘bad’ smell was still gone. I wouldn’t say my shoes had a nice odour, but they certainly didn’t have a bad one.

Marathon shoes

These shoes haven’t had that much wear in them. So far I have ran about 150 miles in them, mainly for road running in the dry. So any smell was purely down to sweaty feet!

After completely my 1st marathon on Oct 4th 2015 (blog here), I tried the banana boots on my marathon shoe. These shoes had not been air dried before-hand and so still had the faint smell of feet.

Again, the banana boots slid well into the shoes. This time I only left the boot bananas in for about 6 hours. Upon removing from the shoes, the smell of lemon and lavender prevailed. No sweaty feet odour remained.

In conclusion

The Boot bananas appear to be quite good at eliminating (or masking) bad smells. I was particularly impressed with the effect on my trail shoes. I shall be using the boot bananas on a regular basis.