Activbod – turn up the Heat roller gel

Through @ukrunchat I was given the *opportunity to test a product from Activbod. I opted to test the Turn up the Heat roller gel as it reported to help ease tired, aching muscles utilising arnica, rosemary and ginger (no camphor). I tend to suffer with tight, aching calves so I thought this may helping in relaxing them.

The instructions for application were clear: roll on the gel and activate with a small amount of water. I decided to try this on my calves and ham strings. I liberally applied the gel then splashed a small amount of water over the areas. At first there was a mild warming sensation. This felt quite pleasant. Within minutes the warming sensation became very hot! Very hot!! This lasted for at least 20 minutes and was quite uncomfortable. I did attempt to do my stretches during this period; however I have no idea if it helped to relax my muscles due to being uncomfortable. Overall, not a pleasant experience.

I then tried the Activbod again a few days later but this time I used a lot less of the gel. Again I splashed a small amount of water onto the areas with the gel and again I felt a warming sensation. This time, however, I did not experience to sudden hot sensation as before. What followed was a more comfortable warming feeling. I completed my usual stretch session and I do feel that the application of the gel did help ease the tighter muscles. It did not completely relax them.

I think the gel will be useful when trying to improve mobility for stretch sessions or even to help warm the area during colder training months. It is a mild relaxant so I feel it is more of a supportive productive rather than a muscle relaxant.

The smell was fine. It has no camphor so this product would be good for those who don’t like the camphor smell. I am not one of those people! I will use this product again but I think it will be more of a winter product for me.


*I received no payment for the product review. I was allowed to keep the product on completion of the review.